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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I purchase any of the products listed on your site?
  • A: We are a price comparison website and do not sell any products directly to the public. If you wish to purchase any of the products listed on this site please click on the links that take you directly to one of the many retailers that we have listed.
  • Q: I am a retailer and I would like my products listed for comparison against other retailers. How can I do this?
  • A: All you need to do is send us an email via our contact page, give us some background about who you are and what types of products you sell and we will be happy to consider you for inclusion.
  • Q: How much am I, as a retailer, expected to pay to be included?
  • A: The good news is that there are no charges involved here at all. We are operating this service for free because we believe that the consumer wants the ability to choose and we want to help them with this choice. Of course, we can’t guarantee that everyone who approaches us for inclusion will make it onto the site, we only choose the best retailers. But, if you operate a quality business then we want to help consumers get in contact with you. No fees and no hidden charges.
  • Q: This all sounds too hard. How can I supply my data for inclusion without it taking up all of my time? After all, I have a business to run.
  • A: We accept data in lots of ways. The simplest is to give us a .csv file that contains the fields as in the file you can down load right here – products.csv. If you have trouble doing this then just send us an email and we’ll find another way that’s good for you.
  • Q: Some of the products that I sell are listed on the site with old prices that are no longer correct – how can this be fixed?
  • A: Easy, just send us an updated dump of you data.
  • Q: Do you operate any other sites aside from this one?
  • A: Yes, we are working hard to provide this service to more people all of the time. Here is a list of all of our sites that we have right now.
    ForThatPrice –
  • Q: I sent you an email enquiring about a particular product and I have not received a reply – what gives?
  • A: Please accept our sincere apologies. Like you we are also very busy working away every day. Unfortunately we can’t get to all queries as quickly as we may like so please don’t be offended if we have not replied to you yet. We try to make it clear that we don’t sell any of the products ourselves – we just make it easy for consumers to connect with retailers. If you really want a specific product and we don’t list it just click through to one of our retailers and they should be happy to help.